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On the Thousand Year Reign (Chiliasm)

God's Wrath on Left Behind by Lisa Ruby


Unless the Lord builds the house,
    its builders will have toiled in vain.
Unless the Lord keeps watch over a city,
    in vain the watchman stands on guard.
In vain you rise up early
    and go late to rest
toiling or the bread you eat,
    he supplies the need of those he loves,
Sons are a gift from the Lord
    and children a reward from him.
Like arrows in the hand of a fighting man
    are the sons of a manís youth.
Happy is the man
    who has his quiver full of them;
such men shall not be put to shame
    when they confront their enemies in court.

Psalm 25 New English Bible
Unto thee, O LORD my God, I lift up my heart.
In thee I trust: do not put me to shame,
let not my enemies exult over me.
No man who hopes in thee is put to shame;
but shame comes to all who break faith without cause. 
Make thy paths known to me, O LORD;
teach me thy ways.
Lead me in thy truth and teach me;
thou art God my saviour.
For thee I have waited all the day long,
for the coming of thy goodness, LORD
Remember, LORD, thy tender care and thy love unfailing,
shown from ages past.
Do not remember the sins and offences of my youth,
but remember me in thy unfailing love.
The LORD is good and upright;
therefore he teaches sinners the way they should go. 
He guides the humble man in doing right,
he teaches the humble his ways.
All the ways of the LORD are loving and sure
to men who keep his covenant and his charge.
For the honour of thy name, O LORD,
forgive my wickedness, great as it is.
If there is any man who fears the LORD,
he shall be shown the path that he should choose;
he shall enjoy lasting prosperity,
and his children after him shall inherit the land.
The LORD confides his purposes to those who fear him,
and his covenant is theirs to know.
My eyes are ever on the LORD
who alone can free my feet from the net.
Turn to me and show me thy favour,
for I am lonely and oppressed.
Relieve the sorrows of my heart
and bring me out of my distress.
Look at my misery and my trouble
Look at my enemies, see how many they are
and forgive me every sin.
and how violent their hatred for me.
Defend me and deliver me,
do not put me to shame when I take refuge in thee.
Let integrity and uprightness protect me,
for I have waited for thee, O LORD.
O God, redeem Israel from all his sorrows.